Types of Horse Racing Betting Across The World

Horse racing per se is a thrilling sport which has always attracted people for the sheer love and passion of it. Some just love to go to the races to watch and others go with the intention of making some quick money.

Betting on horses has been a coveted sport for a long time now. Of late it is has become a very prestigious sport with people betting really big time on it and the bets sometimes run into millions. Another reason this sport is so popular is that placing a wager on a horse is actually very easy and almost anyone can do it. It's only those who are betting professionally that do a lot of study and research about the chances that which horse has the best probability of winning as compared to other horses that are in the race. Most people know that betting in a winning horse is what horse race betting is all about. But there is more to horse race betting that just that.

There are many other types of horse racing wagers to choose from and betting enthusiasts can stand to gain a lot from these wagers. To do justice to betting at the races, it is good to know about all the different types of wager available Knowing about wagers and how to bet after studying horse race cards will be of great help to achieve better payouts on the tracks in the long run. To know more about the various types of horse racing betting that is done across the world read on-Traditional horse racing betting only involved straight bets. These were the only types of bets that were done as they were simple and straightforward.

Even now they are the most preferred and popular kinds of bets. Listed below are some of the straight bets along with the region they are played at-Win (The United States and the rest of the world)

When one bet on a horse to Win, it means that you have picked a horse that is most likely to win the race. This is a straight bet and you need to make a minimum of 3 entries for your wager to be legitimate.

Place (The United States and the rest of the world) Placing a wager for Place indicates that you have placed your bet on a horse which you feel is most likely to get the first or second position in the race. You need to make a minimum of 3 entries for your wager to be legitimate.

Show (The United States) A Show bet indicates a wager that your horse is likely to win any of the top three positions in the race. You need to make a minimum of 3 entries for your wager to be legitimate.

Across the board (The United States)This is similar to the show bet but in an Across the board bet the wager payout is a little different. If your horse comes third you get the payout of a show bet,

if it comes second you get both show and place payouts and if it comes first, you get to win, place and show payouts. Each -way ( The rest of the world)An Each-way type of bet is a combination of the win and the place bets. If your chosen horse gets a Win, you get the payouts of both the wagers and if it does a Place then you get only the place wager payout.

The disadvantage of this type of bet is that if it doesn’t get either of the positions then your entire stake is lost. Other than the straight bets there are few other types of bets which are also very popular –

Exacta In this type of wager, you need to choose any two horses which are likely to get the top two positions. This is very tricky as you not only have to get both the horses correct but even your chosen order has to be right. If you are lucky, the payouts are phenomenal.

QuinellaThis wager is similar to exacta but the order need not be correct.Trifectas In this type of bet, you need to select the top three winning horses. the order does not matter. This wager also has tremendous payouts.

TYou need to make a minimum of 4 entries for your wager to be legitimate.SuperfectasThe most difficult of all wagers, you need to pick the top 4 winning horses and that too in the correct order. You need to make a minimum of 6entries for your wager to be legitimate. There are many other wagers but these are the most popular of them all.